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PUBLIC BUDGET HEARING: It was held October 17th,2017. Only two Rush residents attended. There was no questions or comments about the budget. The Commissioners then approved the $346,000 budget for 2018.  YOUR TAX RATE WILL REMAIN $1.12 per $1,000.

COMMISSIONERS ELECTION: The annual Rush Fire District Commissioners will be held on Tuesday, December 12, 2017 from 6 to 9 PM at the main Rush Fire Station. Commissioner Scott Goodman is running for another five year term. Luther Keyes has stated he is going to run for this position also.

FIRE DISTRICT ANNUAL ORGANIZATION MEETING:  Will be held after January 1, 2018 – It will be posted on the sign, reported in the Henrietta Post and on both the Fire District & Fire Department web sites.

FIRE DISTRICT BUDGET HEARING: Our budget is $346,000 for 2018. Your tax rate remains $1.12 per thousand. We also were under the state mandated 2% cap on any tax increases.

ANNUAL INSPECTION DINNER: It was held at the Riverton Country Club. 30 members attended. This dinner is authorized by state law for the active firefighters of the fire district. All active fire fighters received a 16 oz. insulated mug from the Commissioners.  Mike (Pee wee) Terzo coordinated the affair.

HYDRANT MARKERS: It’s time to put those plastic hydrant markers back. They could save your life and property!

LED LIGHTS: Commission Dale sweet has taken on the task of converting our lights in the kitchen & meeting room to LEDs.

EMS UPGRADES: Commissioner Goodman & Asst. Chief Mike Terzo Jr. met with our Medical Director Dr. Cushman and got approval to carry Albuterol & Epipen on the ambulance. The EMTs will be trained in their use.

RETIREMENT: Congratulation to Commissioner and Past Chief  Mike (peewee) Terzo Sr. on his retirement from Leo J. Roth Co. He says he will now have more time to work on our planned addition to house 1 and be around for day time calls when we are really short of people.


ACTIVITY: We have had a busy year. As of November 7th we have had 405 calls. Members have attended many additional training classes above and beyond what is mandated and required by law and our SOG’s.  This is to assist our residents and area fire departments when needed.

DEER ACCIDENT SEASON IS HERE: AAA recommends looking 20 SECONDS AHEAD  and never taking your eyes off the road for more than TWO seconds.  Slowing down in areas where the deer could be and planning for your escape route. Never look at what you don’t want to hit!   

MILITARY LEAVE: Congratulations to Firefighter Matt VanCuran who has completed “boot camp” and is now a U. S. Marine. Firefighter Pat Frediani will be home on leave soon from the Air Force.

MONROE COUNTY JOINT FIRE SERVICE UNIT COMMENDATION AWARD: This was presented to the Rush & Honeoye Falls Fire Departments at the annual awards dinner at the Diplomat party house for a complicated extrication on Rt.  65 in Mendon on the very cold night of February 4, 2017. The sheriff’s dept. said vehicle going over 100 MPH struck the pole taking down live wires and tree. The operator survived but was trapped in the wreck. The Rush crew members were Chief Jim McNeil, Asst. Chief Mike Terzo, Past Chiefs Bob Faugh & Dale Sweet, Firefighters Kevin Kolmetz, Tyler Grillo and Erin McNeil.

HENRIETTA MOOSE LODGE: At the November fire meeting “Butch” Bloom presented a $500 donation to the fire department & ambulance service form the Henrietta Moose Lodge for our service to the area communities.

ANNUAL MEETING: A dinner meeting will be held the first Monday in December. The social officers and directors election will be held. All active and social members can attend.

ANNUAL FUND DRIVE: The annual fund drive second request went out in November. We  realize the some give through the United Way but we have not been notified of all their names yet. We also understand that the economy is still not good for many of our residents and they have to watch every penny. This money goes for equipment, training and many other items to run the fire department. None of it is used for our few social events. We thank you in advance for your generous contributions.

LADIES PARTY: The Rush firefighters & explorers will put on the annual Christmas party for the Rush FD Ladies Auxiliary for all they do to assist the fire department and community. The ladies will have a choice of Prime Rib, Salmon or Chicken. Garden salad, shrimp cocktail, mixed vegetables, open bar, assorted cheese cakes. Beth Faugh – Past President, Duane Fanning – President & Diana Pfersick – Secretary will be in charge of the dinner.

FACEBOOK: The Rush Volunteer Fire Department has a facebook page. Fire prevention, safety and health hint will be posted along with other information about what is going on at the fire department. Become a friend on our facebook page.

WEB SITES: Our web site is www.RushFD.org  On the left side of the home page is info on what we do and how to volunteer. The Rush Fire District web site is www.RushFireDistrict.org  The monthly Commissioners meeting minutes are posted there.