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Ambulance Billing

When 911 receives a call for a medical emergency they will ask a variety of question to the caller. The call is then  categorized ALS or BLS.  ALS stands for Advanced Life Support, i.e. stroke, heart attack, diabetic, unconscious person etc.  BLS stands for basic life support, which is minor emergencies, i.e. sprain/strains, general malaise, fever etc.

The  Rush Fire District provides a BLS  ambulance.  Advanced life support is provided by our neighboring towns Henrietta and Honeoye Falls depending on your location in town.  Henrietta and Honeoye Falls Ambulance are staffed 24/7 and bill for service.  Rush Fire District Ambulance will respond with the BLS Ambulance when a crew is available.  When a crew is not available Henrietta Ambulance or Honeoye Falls Ambulance will cover the call and you will receive a bill for service.


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