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FIRE DISTRICT: There will be a Fire District Public Budget hearing at Fire Station #1  1971 Rush-Mendon Road, on Tuesday – October 18th at 7:00 pm. This hearing and date is set by NYS Law.

ACCESS & HOUSE NUMBERS:” HELP us so we can HELP you”We are still having serious problems with gaining access into many properties along with not being able to find homes in emergencies due to no visible or legible addresses on the house or mailboxes. Did YOU know that there are local and state codes that you have to comply with? Not complying with these codes could delay the Fire Dept., Ambulance, and Sheriffs in getting to you and the Fire Dept. damage to our expensive equipment.  This could cost you loss of life and property.  For more information please contact The Rush Town Code Enforcement Officer so you can be compliant.

ANNUAL BUDGET: The purposed 2017 fire district budget will be approved at the September meeting. The tax rate will remain at $1.12 per thousand. Last Year it was $1.12. We have kept this rate by reducing money into the capitol reserve accounts and cutting back in other areas where we could. We also are under the 2% cap. requirement. This includes money into reserve funds for new large apparatus, radio system replacement, major repairs on the property and other major maintenance.

WHY THIS LOWER RATE? We have this lower rate because of the generous contributions made to the Rush Fire Department Inc. Fund Drive by the residents of Rush, carnival profit and memorial funds. The amount per resident donated is not matched anywhere in western NY. The Rescue truck, Ambulance, ATV w/ trailer and 2 boats with trailer and equipment was all paid for by FD Fund Drives, Carnival Profit and other fund raisers. Over the years the FD has donated over 1.8 million dollars worth of vehicles and equipment!

PERSONNEL COSTS: Thanks to a 100% volunteer response force of the Rush Fire Department the personnel cost to protect you and respond to your emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week will remain the same – ZERO

FIRE DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS ELECTION: Any resident can run for fire commissioner position. This is a volunteer position with a five year term. A petition is required with 25 Rush registered voter signatures. The election is held the first Tuesday in December at the main fire station.

LADIES AUXILIARY GIFT: The RFD Ladies Auxiliary donated funds to purchase 38 new stackable cushioned chairs for the meeting room they use at station one.  Thank you Ladies Auxiliary.

WEB SITE: The fire district is working. It is www.RushFireDistrict.org