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MESSAGE SIGN/COMPUTERS/ALERT SIREN:  The sign is working out very well as we figure out all its programs. 3 new computers (2 towers – 1 lap top for training) these replaced out dated equipment at station one. A new trunked digital scanner was placed in the radio room to monitor the Sheriff, State Police and Livingston Co. agencies. The siren has thawed out and will be sounding from 7 am to 9 pm.  One blast for EMS and six blasts for fire/rescue calls.

PUMPER/TANKER 583: We are looking to upgrade the unit in West Rush. This 1992 Pierce/Dash unit is in very good shape but has some corrosion and minor problems. We can add a small foam unit to it and some new lighting. We could get five to ten more years of service from it. The a new replacement would cost $500,000 and have all the electronic controls and EPA engine requirements that everyone in the fire service is not happy with and is causing many problems when trying to operate. Our present 583 has none of these problems.

AMBULANCE COVERAGE: The fire commissioners are working on the lack of crews for the Fire Department operated ambulance. This service is not required by NYS law and is optional for fire district to provide any type EMS or ambulance service. Since 1939 the Fire District has allowed the Fire Department to operate an ambulance service. Getting a crew and ambulance on the road is worse than ever since 1939. We have very few people around during the day that can give up the time required for an ambulance transport and associated paperwork. An ambulance call takes 2.5 hours or more to complete. We usually can respond with a “First Responder” that has the proper equipment to take care of a patient until a transport ambulance can arrive. 90% of the time this is Henrietta Ambulance and they usually show up within four or five minutes after our F/R is on scene. If it is a serious patient they would probably go into the HVA ALS or Honeoye Falls-Mendon ALS ambulance anyway.

Many fire departments in our area only have “first responder EMS” and do not transport, Honeoye Falls, Mendon, Pittsford, Henrietta, East Avon, Avon, Mumford, and Clifton to name but a few. We are no where near a decision to go out of the ambulance transport business but it is an option. We are involving our attorney, the Town of Rush, Rush Fire Department, HVA, NYS Health Dept. and the MC EMS Coordinator on this situation. This is not unique to Rush. It is a problem everywhere with volunteer ambulances.

From 10 pm to 6 am every night we have a duty officer that responds to every call. On fire type calls we have a system in place where the closest neighboring FD’s are dispatched the same time we are so this is not as serious a problem. Most fire/rescue type calls take less than one hour. The automatic alarms take about 15 minutes and we had 53 of them in 2014.

NEW REFRIGERATOR: A new refrigerator was purchased for the kitchen at station one.


ACTIVITY: We have responded to 120 calls for service as of 4-27-15. At the present time we have 46 active members.

RESPONSES IN 2014: Total responses 392, EMS 240 including 22 MVAs with Injuries and 10 with no injuries. One victim required extrication. 3 Structure related fires with an average of 17 members responding. Rush responded 23 times to our neighbors for stand-bys or to the scene with an average of 10 firefighters responding. 5 vehicle related fires with an average response of 15 firefighters. 1/3 of the fire/rescue responses were for some type of automatic alarm, that is 53 calls. Not one of these calls required any hoses being pulled from any of the apparatus. You can see that automatic alarms remain a serious problem. That being said we still had an average of 12 members respond to those type calls. There is a false automatic alarm in this country every 12 seconds. 

FASNY STATEWIDE OPEN HOUSE:  Rush FD will have an open house April 26th from 1 pm to 4 pm. Stop in and see the equipment. Talk to the volunteers and ask questions about your fire department and ambulance service. A Rush FD history power point will be showing all day in the meeting room. There will be refreshments. This is an annual statewide effort to recruit more volunteers and make the community aware of how your volunteer FD and ambulance services operate. 

2015 FUND DRIVE: In 2014 your volunteers responded to 392 calls for service, that one every 23 hours. They donated over 6,000 hours to provide emergency service, attend meetings (Local, regional and state), attended training and drills, raise funds and maintain buildings and equipment. We have only ONE goal and that is to provide the best service we can for you and your family.

We are 100% volunteer, NO ONE GETS PAID! The EMS responded to 240 calls in 2014. We responded to 152 fire/rescue calls in 2014.  We have a 1st responder on scene of priority calls within 6.0 minutes of dispatch  95% of the time!

You should receive the annual fund drive letter and postage paid envelope for the EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICE and FIRE DEPARTMENT operation in May.

We use fund drive money for our scouting, fire prevention programs, training, seminars and two replacement funds – one for the replacement of EMS vehicle, utility vehicle/brush truck, ATV, boat & trailer. The other is for new large equipment such as “Jaws of Life” up grades and other heavy rescue equipment. No fund drive money is used for our few social events. Very few Fire Depts. or Ambulance services can say that!  Major purchases in 2014 were a new trailer for our boats at a cost of $7,500, Tracks for the ATV at $7,000 $ 6,000 worth of new rescue ropes and associated hardware and $7,000 for the message sign, a joint purchase with the fire district.

TAX EXEMPT STATUS:  We are a tax-exempt 501(C)3 organization. This allows anyone who donates to us to claim the donation on their income tax and for us to be tax exempt ourselves. We also are listed as a charitable organization by NYS Attorney Generals web site. You can select us to receive your donation at the United Way. We are very proud and thankful to the Rush residents who support us with donations.  


 PAST OFFICERS BANQUET: 2015 Awards & Past Officer banquet was held at RIT Inn. Reg Allen Chief of Henrietta Ambulance was the MC. Rich Funke from the NYS Senate addressed the people there. The Town of Rush Supervisor, Cathleen Frank, also thanked everyone associated with the fire department for the efforts throughout the year.

Fire Commission Chairman Bob Faugh also praised the fire department membership for all their dedication and services that they provide on a daily basis, also for the equipment and money they donate to projects like the message sign that saves the taxpayers a lot of money. Chief James Bucci reported on the accomplishments for the past year which were numerous. He also thanked our neighbors, Fire & EMS that assist us in many ways.

Service awards went to Jenn Cirincione, Andrew Socola, & Scott Goodman for five years. Jon Faugh for 15 years, Dan Monaghan for 25 years & life membership, James Bucci for 30 years, Jim Princehorn for 45 years and Wayne Burdett for 28 years as a director and 36 years in the FD, Wayne went social in January.  Bev smith was recognized as past secretary, Andrew Socola for asst. secretary, Vern Wanderseleben & Jake Vogt for Asst. Chiefs positions. Karen Wanderseleben was recognized for her work as secretary for the fire commission.  Upstate gambling provided games at the banquet. The Rush FD Ladies Auxiliary President Debbie David presented a check for $2,000 to the firefighters to purchase any needed equipment. Henrietta Ambulance stood by for EMS calls and Henrietta Co#1 had a pumper and crew in Rush. They had a Rush MVA call on 390 that turned out to be in Henrietta at Martin Road.